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Finding the right template



  • Some cars and models have different names in different countries/continents, please do check if this is the case with your car. Our car model names are taken from the European market.

example: Citroën Jumper is known as Citroën Relay in the UK and Ireland.


  • The year stated in our database is the first year the model was built. There are not outlines for every year of car production if the outline has not changed.

example: The latest model of Toyota Hiace was released in 2006 and this is actually the latest model because there hasn’t been a release or ‘facelift’ since 2006. Therefore if you are looking for a Toyota Hiace 2011 the 2006 is actually the correct outline.


  • Some models come with different heights and wheelbases

This is outlined in the keywords on the Image Details page.

Using templates



The car outlines are supplied as a zip file containing:

  • Illustrator file .AI
  • CorelDraw file .CDR

You are able to create an AutoCad file (.DXF) and Vector file (.EPS) by exporting .CDR through CorelDraw or .AI through Illustrator.



Scaling templates





On a scale of 1:20 or 1:30. In order to get a depiction in the actual size, enlarge by 2,000% or 3,000%. The scale is stated on the file when opened.




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